360Rize Pro6 Bullet360

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360Rize Pro6 Bullet360

The Pro6 Bullet360 from 360Rize adds camera sync technology to our Pro6 v2 model for filming 360° virtual reality video content. Positioning GoPro cameras in a spherical orientation and connecting them to our built-in Bullet360 camera sync system, the Pro6 Bullet360 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder allows users to simultaneously turn cameras on/off and start/stop recording with the included remote.

When filming with multiple GoPro cameras at 120 frames per second (FPS), the Bullet360 board system provides a sync within +/- 5 frames. This offers a more reliable and consistent camera syncing solution than wireless remotes relying on Wi-Fi. Triggering the Bullet360 wired remote switch not only turns cameras on/off and starts/stops recording, it also triggers a buzzer to provide an audio sync These tools solve the critical workflow challenge of operating multiple cameras on set and achieving a the close frame sync required to stitch quality 360 video content.

Board Specification

.XX milliamps of power consumption when shut off
.XX miliiiamps of power consumption when running
Weight with cameras: 20.7 ounces, 587 grams
Weight without cameras: 4.7 ounces, 134 grams
Material: Anodized aluminum core, high-strength poly carbonate camera holder assemblies
Suggested subject-to-holder buffer while filming: 4-5 feet (to avoid parallax and stitching issues)

Box Contents

(1) Pro6 Bullet360 360 Plug-n-Play Holder
Preassembled with qty. 6 Bullet360 Boards
Includes qty. 6 2.5mm plug cables
(1) 2.5mm wired remote switch
(1) 360Heros chrome mounting accessory
(1) 360Heros screwdriver/ camera removal tool
(Kit does not include GoPro Cameras, or the GoPro accessories)

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