GB Labs FastNAS F-16 32TB 16-Bay Shared Storage Solution GB-FN-F16-SFP-3200-1

  • Brand: GB Labs
  • Product Code: GB-FN-F16-SFP-16000-1
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  • $34,995.00

GB Labs FastNAS F-16 160TB 16-Bay Shared Storage Solution GB-FN-F16-SFP-16000-1

GB Labs FastNAS F-16 160TB 16-Bay Shared Storage Solution GB-FN-F16-SFP-16000-1 is high performance, great value hardware powered by GB Lab's Core 3 OS Lite. This highly efficient OS allows for full utilization of all the components, giving the best translation from disk to network, resulting in an unrivalled user experience of real world performance. Designed for clients in search of larger capacities with storage expansion options, the F16 Nitro can scale up to 320TB with dynamic single unit expansion. Equipped with the GB Labs Velocity RAID Engine the F16 is so capable of extracting performance from its 16 hard disk drives that Nitro Hybrid Boost is not essential. The F16 can deliver up to 2000MB/sec peak RAID performance, meaning huge performance and huge capacity at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Key Features

Intelligent RAID ControlUnique Velocity RAID engine offers superb performance using minimal system resources.
Truly global support from the experienced team, as and when you need it.
GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.
FastNAS runs on our Core 3 Lite which is an industrial grade OS with an easy to use web interface offering many powerful workflow tools and beneficial features.
All FastNAS products include a 3 year care package and additional warranty upgrade options are available, up to 5 years cover.
Dynamic storage expansion allowing you to grow your storage instantly with your data still in place.

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